Friday, July 28, 2017

Lessons Learned on Down the Road

*Personal guided tour of the Olympic Training center by David’s college roommate made it a special tour and then
*Dinner with college roommate at a great Greek restaurant Jake and Tellys in old town Colorado Springs made for a good time. Oompa
*Two bunny rabbits playing outside The Rectangle brings smiles…one could tell they were great buddies
*The grandeur of Air Force Academy holds one breathless. The chapel next June will be closed for 4 years as they disassemble and rebuild it. One can only hope they recapture its spectacular glory.
*Trying to grow herbs in The Rectangle is anew adventure. A $10 galvanized three “bucket” pots hold the basil, mint and rosemary. OK so the Rosemary has already died and the new one planted is not doing well after a week…brown thumb seems to be lurking
*Took nice trolley tour of Boise and discovered a lot of homes of interest, capital building and cultural neighborhoods like the Basque population. The sliced lamb sandwich and bean soup we had for lunch made us ask about the Basque flavors. We bought smoked paprika to add to onions, red bell pepper, cracked black pepper, and salt to make a yummy chicken.
*Blue boxes like small sheds on rollers in the fields are bee hives. Now if they would only put signs in the fields to let us know what they are growing…please?
*Going to church and being invited to breakfast by the senior group was nice (of course we fit into that group——When did we exactly get into that group??)
*Forest fires and lack of rain were the big topics at breakfast.
*Viola is 86 and her mobile home place in the RV park is beautifully maintained. She will only be there a few more weeks as her children think she should no longer live alone, so her daughter has build her a room in her house and she is moving in with them. Viola’s hands are bent with arthritis, she has brittle bones from osteoporosis but at 6am she is outside tending her yard, watering the grass, loving the flowers to bloom and sweeping everything spotless. She wants to stay in her home but as she told us “those darn kids think I am too old to live alone”. Her flowers were a joy to see every morning as I read my paper on line. I am sure she will make sure flowers bloom wherever she is planted.
*Watermelon from farmers market that people told us was from an area that made the melons special and wonderful..David stood in line a while to buy the melon and paid $7.00 (this the most he has EVER paid for a small melon but after standing in line for so long he paid the price) then….we stopped at Walmart to get something and they had melons from that same area for $4.00 but we felt good we had helped Terry a small farm grower.
*We are Syrah people, at least at the wineries we visited in Pasco WA area. After three a day for 6 days we have a few bottles in The Rectangle. OK not all Syrah but mostly.
*Walla Walla is a nice college (three there) and agricultural area town. visited 3 wineries and came back to The Rectangle with 3 reds. According to the pourers in the tasting rooms,  One of the tree colleges there Whitman University a liberal arts school is noted for teaching a lot about “the arts” but not getting anyone ready for a job. Hmmm sounds about right and not just at Whitman.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

2017 Lessons Learned First Week

Lessons Learned Living in a Rectangle

*We are now one week into our trip starting off with a couple of days in the Cap Rock Canyon Texas State park and long the way…
*Small museums are still a thing Blue Spruce museum was unfortunately closed
*Dirt devils dance on the fields being turned for the next crop
*Red Earth rises like smoke behind the tractors turning the earth
*Corn and cotton are in the fields
*Turkey Tx is the home of Bob Wills
*Prairie dogs are endlessly entertaining
*Bison at your Rectangle door will keep you inside….they do not move quickly and they are REALLY big
*Our trusty truck LilRed honked? then honked again? someone trying to get into it? No, just a woodpecker on LilRed pecking at the windshield wiper…guess bugs were there? But LilRed was “crying out” and I had to make woodpecker move on. It was a very large orange headed one but no-one or thing will I allow to hurt LilRed our trusty companion
*If you are in Cap Rock Canyon State park try and get the camping spot 35…prefect view of the canyon in the distance, prairie dogs up close and Bison very close too. No other spot has this view
*Moving on and the overnight at the next “RV Park” was shall we say was OK for a pull in and sleep, not much more in Clayton, New Mexico. The park was very old and when you are woken in the middle of the night with the electricity going off and on because luckily you always use a serge protector we laughed and finally got up at 3am to have coffee thanks to our generator and see the sun rise.
*BUT Clayton does have a very good Dairy Queen! and then David says he has spent the night in Clayton before with a group of bikers…who knew? (things wives learn)
*Learned that when going down the road and you stop to have a bite to eat and you see liquid on the floor it is not always water or oil and looking up and down inside and out for where it might be coming from …maybe from the road; the tires; or the slide out into The Rectangle? Then you taste the liquid and find it is very sticky, very sweet…rule out water or oil…follow the stream to the pantry to find a jar of peach jam leaking onto the floor…hmmm it is usually something simple.
*Road construction continues to be everywhere. More lessons to come.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

2017 Trip

It is now time to leave for a few months on our 2017 trip Living in a Rectangle. The Rectangle has inspection and tags renewed and water tank sanitized. The loading is beginning and on Saturday, July 8, 2017 we are off to Texas Cap Rock State Park for the first of many nights Living in a Rectangle. It is always fun and love seeing our country along the road. Will be going into Canada this trip so passports are packed. Now to load up knowing if we forget anything there is always stores to explore too.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

RV Cajun Rally Louisana

Lessons Learned Living in a Rectangle:
* Planning a trip around the weather is certainly a must, so glad we got out of the East Texas area  before the storms hit in East Texas around Canton and prayers are going out to all those who were hit with such force of nature
*Strong winds will not make gas mileage a fun thing
*Staying at Walmart overnight is just what one needs when passing through..thank you Natchitoche, LA..and yes we bought things there
*Meeting a new group of RV people is always fun and yet leaves one tired from talking to strangers trying to get to know them
*A good way to get to know someone is to hitch a ride in their truck to the Swamp Tour
*A fun way to spend a morning is on a boat on the Swamp Tour with 20 other RVers
*Getting stuck on a stump in the swamp and having to call another boat to push you off is always fun
*Seeing 14 alligators during the Swamp Tour was great. There were some large ones!
*Taking the advise of a local and eating at Chef Roy's did not disappoint
*Eating all the craw fish you can hold makes a fun dinner especially with many who had never eaten them. The couple from Minnesota were like What? but after the first few they were all in and ate and ate while facebooking and face timing with there friends back home.
*Leaning a new game "Joker" could be fun but there are those who take life too seriously with cards in their hand. However, not be scared by the looks, hurumphs and eye rolls, I learned...AND my partner and I won 2 of the 4 games, so there you go. (It really is just an adult version of the child game of Sorry. )
*After dinner Cajun Music and dancing makes a perfect evening. Let the good times roll. "laissez les bons temps rouler"
*When the rains come and the wind blows in Louisiana it is a lot of both. Great day to read, knit and sew. More fun to come.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Living in a Rectangle...The Hookup

 The Rectangle HookUp

First day to hook up in a while, and remember toys when not played with often may be a bit off the game. So things to remember:   1.after winterizing The Rectangle remember to turn off the water connection inside for the washer (we do not have a washer/dryer) or a lot of water will come pouring out and as you are not inside it may, for a while, until you see water pouring out the front door continue to just put out the water….get the picture? Wet, very wet…but it is just water and major cleanup later it is all good.   2.Put LittleRed in gear before unhooking from The Rectangle or you will find yourself jumping into action to help hold it at bay while the other person jumps in and throws on the break and puts it in gear…luckily it was not on a steep incline. After a few moments of OMG all ended well. No-one was pinned between LittleRed and The Rectangle.   3.Remember to put the bottle of Sangria in the freezer or fridge before doing anything else and things will be a better still. Overall, we are loving being in The Rectangle and in a beautiful state park. We laughed a lot too!  We are now in Rockport, Texas heading to happy hour…happy to all.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

New Adventures for Easter week 2017

Living in a Rectangle
New Adventures for Easter week 2017
Off to an RV Rally in Rockport, Texas

As with all toys when you have not played with them for a while it takes a few to get back into the groove. The Rectangle is just a big toy headed to Bastrop State Park for the night before going to Rockport. It was a wonderful trip, easy drive and I put down my musings of what I saw.
Green fields, pink buttercups, grey skies, orange/yellow/red wildflowers, brown earth in the fields, rows of corn already up and growing, people leaving churches in their Easter best, new home construction, rusted boon pipe like fences, barbed wire fences, black eyed susan wildflowers, black/brown/red/blond cattle grazing, long horns grazing, raindrops on the windshield, bugs on the windshield, roadsigns showing the way, broke down cars along the road, critters that did not make it to the other side, snake in the road, tin roofs, oil wells, all the burnt trees as the reminder of the devastation the fire left here, new trees coming up to take over the void, state park sign, pull through site, bunny rabbit there to great us. All is well. Happy Easter all. Now to set up…we will see how much we remember or not.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2016 Adventure Continues/Lessons Learned

 Lessons learned: 2016 adventure continues
*What is the difference between straw and Hay? Still not sure but straw glistens in the sun like gold in the
*Thankful we paid extra for the driver door when the auto retract steps do not work so you have to manually push them up. Only way without a small ladder is the driver door…works like a charm.
*A breaking system for the tow makes all the difference in the mountains. Soooo glad we purchased this at the Newmar International Rally and now we are legal in all states.
*Paper maps really do come in handy when you are lost and there is “no service” in the mountains.
*An apple tree laden with fruit right outside The Rectangle makes for great free snacking.
*Before visiting a favorite restaurant from 10 years ago and even though the outside has the same name you might want to check to see if it has the same owners.
*When the regular customer at the winery recommends a favorite always try it as it may be your favorite too. (yes brought it)
*Cats howling is the most woeful sound and breaks the silence of the night.
*When changing altitude coming out of the mountains one must remember to once again reset the number mattress.
*You know you are in the country when they pull the pickup next to the house to stand on and put the Christmas lights.
*When Mary drives The Rectangle the mpg goes down, nothing new here.
*Nothing dirtier than a dirty Rectangle.
*Learning to play the “pass it on” card game with other RVers at a rally can be fun even for those (David) who do not like games AND the most one can lose is $1.00 is a plus.
*It is a sad day when the bar b que meat at the restaurant only open for a few days is really dry, but then the surprise is the sides were so good you want to come back to get some to take out.
*It is angels sent to give comfort that always surprises us. Lunch with friends not seen for several years and conversation about everything and kids leads to talking about Granville, Ohio and all the unknown of a place no-one has been but will now be home to one of the kids. Then a woman from the next table comes over and says she is sorry but she overhead our conversation re Granville, Ohio and she is from there and begins to glow with the words of how wonderful the town/area and college there is and how lucky anyone would be to live there. See angels everywhere.
*Meanwhile back to the new breaking system, well…alarm goes off going down the road, code err come up and we call the company and they say Oppps not good, it has to be shipped back to the factory to be fixed. Really? We are a month and half from being home and we now have no system so we will (if stopped) not be legal? So, they say, just put it in the tow like it works an if stopped we can say we have a system and they will see it then when we get home to send it back. OK, so we are faking it till we make it back. The good news is we are out of the mountains on flat land.
*When you cross the state line back into Texas it is known you have a been waiting to exhale and the feeling you are “home” takes over even if you are many weeks from being “home”.
*The last week of travel is bitter sweet and that is OK.